Routing Rules
From the Settings Menu > Select Routings Settings
NOTE:  Once you select and save Routing Items, you cannot unselect them.
Invoice approval routing is automatically done by the system based on how an invoice is coded. 
Routing rules follow a hierarchy. Category (No. 9 above) is a higher priority than Job (No. 13 ).  This means that if you have a specific approver that approves all material invoices they will get all Category = Material invoices regardless of the job, because the Category information is analyzed first for routing prior to the Job information.                                                          
Select the items that you want to route invoice approvals by.
Items previously selected are displayed as grayed and cannot be unselected.
You will add the appropriate values (criteria) to the approval groups in a later step (Approval Group Members).
Select only the Routing Items you wish to use.  Too many options can slow up processing so it is a good idea to only select the ones you require.
Routing Settings:
You can elect to skip the Final Review step. In this case the last approver will send invoices to the Export Queue for posting into Sage 300 CRE.
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