Auto Approve
Many organizations have certain invoices that require no approval. Examples of this are rent or utility bills.
TimberScan provides for this by allowing certain general ledger accounts to be designated as auto-approve accounts and certain vendors to be designated auto-approve vendors.
Upon data entry, invoices that meet auto-approve criteria will automatically bypass any other defined routing rules and be routed to Final Review or Invoice Export as appropriate.
When auto-approving by general ledger account, all distribution lines for an invoice must contain an auto-approve account.
If even one distribution line has a non auto-approve account, the invoice will be routed according to normal routing rules.
When selecting auto-approve vendors, a threshold can be entered so that if an invoice is entered that exceeds the threshold
it will automatically be routed according to normal routing rules.
NOTE: There are settings in the Sauron logon that must be checked to initiate these two auto approvals:
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