Use this option to import invoices which were originally imported in Sage 300 CRE Accounts Payable. This includes invoices created in Sage’s Service Management application or Builder MT. Also, use this option to import invoices from Sage’s Purchase Order module only if created on Sage 300 CRE versions prior to release 12.1. (Use Option 1 above to import PO invoices created in release 12.1 and after.)
If approving invoices in TimberScan, the Approval system must be turned on in Sage. In TimberScan, log in as admin and select System Settings; check the Approve Imported Invoices if you want to send the invoices through TimberScan’s approval process. Also, check “Approve Regular Invoices” to include the Import Regular Invoices in the drop-down list (beginning with version 12.1,  Sage considers invoices from the Purchase Order application as “Regular” as opposed to import imported invoices).
In Routing Settings, check the Final Review Mandatory For Regular Invoices box.  If routing, check the Set Timberline Approval flag on Export:
In User Maintenance, check the Import Invoices permission:
1. Acquire the invoice images:
Acquire – Invoices Uploaded From AP
When prompted, enter a description for the batch of invoice images.
2.  Import the invoices from Sage:
     Invoice Entry > Import Invoices from AP > Import Invoices
     Invoice Type – Import Imported Invoices
     Batch Description – enter the same description used for the Acquire process. This will make it easier to match the images to the invoices in Step 3.
     Data Entry Group – select a Data Entry Group
     Start Date – enter the beginning date to search for invoices
     Invoice Type: Optional; if you acquired images using an invoice type, select the same invoice type here.
     Select AP Batch By: (1) All Batches since the Start Date; (2) Specific Batch since the Start Date; or by (3) Operator ID since the Start Date.
Select the Start button.
3. Match Images to Invoices:
Invoice Entry > Import Invoices from AP > Match Imported Invoices
Enter the batch name for the invoice images.
Enter the batch name for the imported invoices.
Select OK.
For each image, highlight the invoice below and select the Match button. There is no way to automatically match multiple images to multiple invoices as the import order may be different for both groups. You are able to sort on the column headings:
OPTIONAL: While in the session, you can select to Unmatch images with invoices:
The invoices (including auto approve invoices) will be routed according to their coded information. Once final approved, the images are attached to the invoices in Sage and the approval flag is automatically set so the invoices can be selected for payment. The invoices no longer show as being in TimberScan (they do not display on the Invoice Status Inquiry).
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