Subcontractor Compliance


During Invoice Entry you may encounter compliance warnings from Sage CRE Settings:

Timberscan warnings are designed to mimic the warnings received during Invoice Entry in Sage 300 CRE.  One set of warnings is displayed at the Invoice Header level and another set of warnings is displayed at the Invoice Distribution level. 
Once you bypass (ignore) a warning, that warning will not be displayed again.  This again mimics the behavior of Sages 300 CRE.  If you change an invoice, you will not see the original warnings again.
Messages can be related to: Lien Waivers, Certified Reports, Insurance or Miscellaneous Compliance items. Check with your Sage 300 CRE administrator for more information on these settings.

You can select the Enter key on the keyboard to bypass the message and continue entering the invoice and/or you can click "Details" to get more information about the warning.

Lien Waivers
The Message below is warning that the Vendor has not submitted required Lien Waivers for a specific job.
Certified Reports
If you require warnings for Certified Reports, you will also receive warnings for Commitments that have no Actual Start Date.  Certified Repots cannot be generated without an Actual Start Date. 
Sage CRE stores up to 6 types of insurance and policy information and certificate information can be stored at the Vendor and/or Commitment.
Miscellaneous Items
Vendor Misc Items might be Permits Expired, Punch Lists, etc. 

Warnings can be received resulting from issues at the following levels:


Below is an example of a warning at the Vendor, Job and Commitment level.


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