AIM Discovery


Aim Discovery is a company's opportunity to establish "policies and procedures" for their documents.

Questions that each organization should ask before touching the keyboard include:
1.     What types of documents do we want to store in AIM?
2.     Do we want to ‘categorize’ those documents in order to segregate them by department or discipline (for example)?
3.     For each type of document, what are the “key index fields” that are required in order to store the document in AIM and to search and retrieve the document?
4.     What levels of security do we need to establish for each document? Do we want to establish security at the category level, the document type level, approval workflow & criteria, field level?  
You will need to gather certain information to prepare for your AIM implementation.  Please use this document as a guide to collect information on how you would like to establish (1) security in AIM as well as (2) document categories and types for storing and retrieving your AIM documents.
AIM training begins with a “discovery” session which introduces you to the overall structure of document management in AIM. Afterward, we ask you to think through the four primary questions above in order to structure your records in AIM to best suit your company's needs. During the second training session we critique your AIM “roadmap” and show you how to apply it in the software. We take you through the setup process and show you how to secure, store and search for your documents. After you have had the opportunity to use the software, we schedule a final session to review your setup and answer any questions.
AIM training process:
•     Discovery session with your AIM consultant
•     Map out a structure for your companies document management
•     Review your AIM roadmap with your consultant
•     Follow up session to review your processes and answer any questions
Please use this document to help you prepare for the discovery meeting with your consultant. Before attending, we ask that you review this video to obtain an overview of the document management process in AIM:
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