AIM Search Grid

The AIM multi-function Search Grid offers you many of the same functions available in TimberScan inquiries, including an export to Excel.
The grid is similar to the TimberScan inquiries you are familiar with. All columns pertaining to the invoice, including distribution fields, are displayed. Data can be sorted by column headings and the functions available in TimberScan inquiries are also available here.
Difference Between Search and Search Grid
Search: Data sort is limited to columns for Acquire Date, Acquired By and Document Type:
Search Grid: The search grid displays all columns related to a document type. For invoices, you can sort and filter by any column heading, such as job for example:
When you change the document type, the columns change to display the index fields for the new document type:
The distribution fields that show for vendor invoices are based on the distribution grid settings for each AP Vendor Type in Sage > Accounts Payable > AP Settings > Invoice Settings > Distribution Settings. 
The functions you are familiar with in TimberScan inquiries are also available in the AIM Search Grid:
You can move columns around via drag and drop, like TimberScan inquiries.
To add or remove columns, click on the Field Chooser icon on the far left of the column row and a list of fields automatically displays in alphabetical order:
You can even use the Group feature:
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