AIM Viewer Setup (Paperclip)

Reference files will be stored within a folder titled 'attachments', specified by the 'TimberScan System Setup' screen in TimberScan. AIM documents in TimberScan are accessed via the AIM Search function. To view the same images in Sage, go to the record and select the Attachment button. The File Links tab opens.
Click on the viewer or select Open to reveal a list of all images attached via AIM to the record.
The following setup will be performed during your initial software installation.
Under the setup tab, clicking the System Setup button will open a window titled 'TimberScan System Setup'. 
On the 'Image Settings' tab there is an option titled 'Image Folder'.  This field is used to specify where the attachment files will be stored.
If the checkbox titled 'Store Images With Timberline Data' is checked, the attachment files and their corresponding links will be stored within the Timberline Data folders. 
Otherwise, the files will be stored in the folder specified by the 'Image Folder' text field. 
Changes to the attachment file locations should be kept constant during migrations by utilizing shares. 
If this location is changed the old reference files will still exist, but may no longer be found by TimberScan without using the migration under the Maintenance -> Timberline Attachment Maintenance
The TimberScan viewer application is named Viewer.exe.  This separate application should be installed in a single location and remain there for the duration. 
Client's will be required to keep a the PaperClip Viewer.exe in a constant path which is configurable but should be in the same folder as the TimberScan '.XFS' file.
Note:  Users should not rename or move the PaperClip Viewer.exe file.
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