Approval Criteria

The Approval Criteria function is accessed from the Admin Menu by selecting Maintenance > Approval Group Maintenance >Approval Criteria.
Once the approval groups have been created, it is necessary to associate/link the jobs, GL prefixes and other routing criteria with them.  For TimberScan purposes this is referred to as Approval Criteria.
TimberScan can route invoices by:
The section on Routing Rules describes how these are configured for each company.
The following screen will be displayed:
Select the Approval Workflow to use from the Approval Group dropdown list in the upper left corner of the form. Note that both the Approval Workflow Descriptions as well as the Approval Workflow IDs display.
Member Type:  Use the Member Type dropdown list at the top of the form to select the type of member (criteria)  to be added.
Selecting Job as the Member Type will display a list of jobs that have not yet been assigned to an approval group.
You can click on the desired job and press the [Select>] button or just double click on the job to select it.
Different Member Types can be assigned to one group. You could have Job and Base Account in the case of an approver being assigned to a type of expense (tools) for a specific Job.
Items are automatically saved to the group upon selection so when you are finished adding members, you can just exit this function.
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