Capture Licensing File

Licensing for the OCR function is linked to a user and a separate Glyphreader license is required for each user that will be processing Capture documents. Whichever workstation the licensed user is on is considereed the Capture procedssing workstation. While documents for Capture can be acquired from any TimberScan workstation or Citrix or Terminal Server instance, the OCR processing can only be done on a licensed workstation. Processing on Citrix or Terminal Server would be a violation of our license agreement with Atalasoft.
The TimberScan license file (TimberScan.lfs) will need to be modified to include Capture. In addition, we store items 2, 3 and 4 below in a separate XCAT file. The following data is included:
1.     A Flag indicating that Capture is authorized for the client
2.     A Capture Expiration Date for trial versions
3.     The number of workstations that can be used for OCR processing
4.     The Capture Anniversary roll-over date
Encrypted tables in the TimberScan SQL database will hold information pertaining to each OCR licensed workstation. Other encrypted tables will contain information pertaining to running document counts, annual allowable documents and any overage processing documents remaining.
Licensing of the individual for OCR processing is a menu item in admin > User Maintenance. When selected, the software will check to make certain that there are still OCR licenses available then prompt the user if they want to license that user. Upon an affirmative response the information will be recorded in SQL. If the user is already licensed, the menu item displayed will be grayed out.
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