Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard widgets are grouped by (1) Approve and (2) Final Review.
There are 14 widgets to choose from – 7 approval and 7 final review as follows:
     Invoices by Vendor              
     Invoices by Job                   
     Invoices by Company*
     Invoices by Payment Date
     Invoices by Days to Discount
     Invoices by Approval Aging
     Invoices by System Aging
*Available only to companies who use GL prefixes.
Both Approval and Final Review widgets are dependent on a user’s security.
 A user with permission for Approve and Final Review will have access to both groups of widgets.
Invoices that display in the widgets are dependent on two criteria:
     1) Routing Workflow (the approval stage for the invoice)
     2) User Permissions (an Executive user can see all invoices for a particular stage)
Each section lists up to ten records. The records can be viewed by the number of invoices or dollar amount.
 For example, if you choose the Invoices by Vendor widget and there are more than 10 vendors with invoices in TimberScan, the Dashboard displays the largest # of invoices or largest $ amount, depending on your View By selection.
The largest 9 vendors are listed and the remaining vendor invoices are grouped into a category called Others.
The piechart colors correspond to the invoice list.
 Hover over a vendor in the list or on the piechart to see a total # of invoices and dollar value.
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