Hold Invoices in Sage 300 CRE Accounts Payable

Normally Invoices posted to Timberline from TimberScan are available to be selected for payment. Invoices marked Hold in A/P have to be approved using Timberline’s Approval System first. 
Clients have asked us for this feature to free up invoices for export that may, otherwise, get stuck in Timberscan at the approver level. 
Hold in A/P can be used for invoices in cases where management may be waiting for additional documents such as an insurance certificate or Lien Waiver AND they want the costs of those invoices to be included and available within Timberline.
Using this process, invoices are sent to Sage 300 CRE Accounts Payable two ways,
1. Approved for payment (Still needs to be processed/selected for payment) and
2. Held in Accounts Payable (Requires another approval within Sage 300 CRE Accounts Payable before available for payment).
This requires additional setup in Sage and Timberscan. 
1. Sage 300 CRE Accounts Payable to be setup to use "Approval System"
2.  Approval of all existing AP Invoices before they are ready to process for payment.
3. Timberscan Settings "set an approval flag".
3. User Maintenance set to "Allow Hold"
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