Image Type

The Image Type must next be selected. Depending upon your implementation of TimberScan, you will have up to seven image types to select from.
·Regular Invoices refers to invoices that are to be entered into Accounts Payable through TimberScan.
·Existing Invoices are invoices that have already been entered into TimberScan or Sage Timberline Office Accounts Payable or other software. They can be invoice images that you want to attach to existing records in Sage Timberline Office Accounts Payable that were not originally processed with TimberScan.. These can also be additional or replacement pages for invoices that have already been processed into TimberScan or Accounts Payable.
·The Checks option allows Accounts Payable checks to be acquired after printing and automatically attached to all invoices paid by each check.
·The Imported Invoices option is used to import invoice data from a report created by the vendor.  The report must be in the format that Sage 300 CRE specifies for importing A/P invoices.This report contains details on all the invoices the vendor is submitting.  The purpose of this report is to eliminate data entry. Typically vendors send these reports when they submit many invoices.  TimberScan allows for the scanning of the invoices associated with that data file, importing the data file and matching the invoice images to the current data. 
·The Invoices Uploaded from AP option may or may not be available depending on your TimberScan implementation.  You will use this option to scan invoices already entered into Sage Timberline A/P.  Invoices entered directly into Sage 300 CRE A/P or uploaded from Purchase Order Module, Service Management/PO Module, or Residential Management/PO Module
·Recurring Invoices may or may not be available depending on your TimberScan implementation.  It is used to scan invoices relating to recurring invoices in Sage 300 CRE.
·Supporting Documents is used to acquire any type of image that supports an invoice.  These can be purchase orders, receiving tickets, packing slips, lien waivers, etc.  The Procedures Manual details how this feature works.
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