Invoice Status Inquiry:

Reports on all invoices that are still in TimberScan.  
You can easily see what Level (workflow level) each invoice is currently at within TimberScan.  The approver or approval group at each level depends on the Approval Workflow the invoice applies to. 
Select log to see who currently is processing this invoice. This will give the name of the approver who currently has control of the invoice. 
All notes and comments are on the log.  If the approver records the reason that this invoice is still unapproved other users can easily see the notes by running this inquiry.
Users of this report can also record new comments by clicking on the comments box.  This can be very useful if one is speaking to a vendor about an open invoice.  The user can record who they spoke to and the details of that conversation directly from this report.
You can print the Log and it will create the same Crystal report you get with Invoice Notes Report
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