Invoice Type Maintenance

User-defined invoice types have multiple functions within TimberScan:
1.  The first is as a method to classify invoices for special handling.  An example would be Rush Payment invoices. Creating a "Rush Invoice" invoice type will allow invoices to bypass all other invoices that may be in the respective queues.  Invoice types can be assigned at any stage during the Acquire, Invoice Entry or Approval processes, but in order to be able to do so, the user must have been granted "Chg Type" permission in User Maintenance. 
2.  The second function of invoice types is as a method to route invoices that takes precedence over all routing rules.  In order to route by invoice type, Invoice Type must be selected in Routing Settings and then invoice type must be assigned to an approval group using the Approval Group Members function after having been defined. 
3.  You can also use invoice types is as a method to filter for invoices in Invoice Entry, Approve or Final Review.
To set up Invoice Types, enter the following: 
Invoice Code:
Enter a Code (15 characters max) and a Description then press [Save]. 
To change a description, click on the item in the list box, change the description and press the [Save] button. 
To delete an invoice type, click on the item in the list box and press [Delete].
Note:  Once an invoice type has been assigned to an invoice or used as an approval group member, it may not be deleted. 
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