Invoices Entered Directly into TimberScan

TimberScan is a batch oriented system increasing efficiency and productivity.
Think of this workflow as a separate pending approval system. Invoices and supporting documents are scanned.  They then flow to data entry (or Capture and than data entry).  Invoices are coded in TimberScan. Approvers can complete or correct coding if they have the security rights.  Approved invoiced are posted directly into Sage 300 CRE Accounts Payable. 
The main benefits of this process are as follows:
1.     Only approved invoices are in Sage 300 CRE. Unapproved invoices cannot be paid.
2.     Data entry staff can partially code invoices for an approver to finish the coding. 
3.     Approvers can change coding provided that they have the rights to do so.
The only disadvantage to this workflow is that invoices are not in Sage 300 CRE immediately.  Some clients want costs to reflect upon receipt of the invoice.  However TimberScan offers an Accrual Option which will create an accrual journal entry in Job Cost and/or GL. 
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