Invoices Permissions Group

There are 10 TimberScan and 1 Capture permission associated with this group:
Acquire Invoices:     This allows a user to acquire invoices, checks (not used with Auto-Attach Checks) or supporting documents for entry into TimberScan. Acquiring is done by scanning directly into TimberScan, retrieving previously scanned images from a file or dragging and dropping either a file or email attachment into the image viewer.
Approve Invoices:***  Allows the user to approve invoices. Only users with this ability can be added to an Approval Group.
Change Invoice Amount:  Allows the user to only change the amount in the invoice header and not change any other header fields.
Change Invoice Header:   Allows the user to change invoice header information. Headers contain information on the invoice, such as invoice date, discount date, payment date, etc.
Delete Invoices:    Users with this permission are allowed to delete invoices from the TimberScan system. It is recommended that data entry operators only be given this permission. If an approver decides that an invoice should not be paid, he or she can reject it back to the data entry operator for deletion. It should be noted that invoices are only marked as deleted in the system, and a reason is required when making the deletion. Deleted invoices can be viewed by a Supervisor or Executive using the Deleted Invoices Inquiry.
Enter Invoices:***     All data entry personnel who will be entering invoices into TimberScan will need to have this checked. 
Invoice on Hold:  Gives the user the ability to Hold an invoice in TimberScan. This Hold status only affects TimberScan and the hold can not be released by anyone but the user who put the invoice on hold.  It might be useful when the user needs more information about the invoice and wants the invoice to be separated
Invoice Status Inquires:  Allows the user to see the status of invoices in TimberScan. 
Process Capture Invoices: *** This designates a Capture user - a user who has the rights to process invoices in Capture. This requires a separate license. For more information, please see the chapter on Capture.
Recurring Invoices: Allows the user to import recurring invoices created by Sage 300 CRE Accounts Payable into the TimberScan approval system, if those invoices require approval.
Reject Invoices:  This permission allows users to reject invoices to a previous approver or data entry operator and should be given to all users who will be approving. It may also be given to users who will be performing the final review if  you want them to have the ability to reject fully approved invoices.
*** IMPORTANT Exercise caution when changing any of the below permissions once they are assigned to a user.............
1.     Approve Invoices (if user is a part of one or more approval group)
2.     Enter Invoices(if user is a part of one or more data entry group)
3.     Final Review (if user is a part of one or more final review group)
4.     Process Captured Invoices
.......... these 4 permissions will generate a warning when unchecked on an existing role. The reasoning: if we update an existing role in Role Permissions and the role is already assigned to a user, that user's permissions (in User Maintenance) will also get updated according to the Role Permissions. So if a user is already assigned any one or more of these 4 permissions and we update this user's role without selecting these 4 permissions, user permissions will be overwritten and the user will no longer be allowed to Approve Invoices, Enter Invoices,etc. These permission should be changed per user in User Maintenance.
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