Job Cost Inquiry

This report allows you to select specific jobs or all jobs and also bridge both the Sage 300 CRE & TimberScan databases. 
Invoice Status:  From Sage 300 CRE you can select “All Invoices”, “Paid” or “Open”. 
Invoice Locations:  Make sure you “X” Current if you want Sage 300 CRE invoices.  “X” TimberScan if you want invoices in the approval process.  If you Check "Historical" you will get invoices in the Sage 300 CRE Accounts Payable History File. 
Date Range:  You can filter by range of dates or all dates.  You can also filter by invoice date or accounting date.
Jobs:  Select the Job or Jobs you wish to view or report on.
The Job Cost Invoice information will display in a columnar format that you can modify.
Print Grid will print the entire report and fit it on the page as best as it can.
Export to Excel  will open the report in Excel. 
Clears all filters and returns the inquiry to the original data
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