Overage Warnings Permissions Group

These two optional settings - per user - control when overage warnings display. These warnings can automatically display (or not) according to your settings in Sage.
Overage Warnings on Invoice Load:Similar to compliance warnings, this option allows for enabling or disabling over estimate and/or over commitment warnings that are established in Sage 300 CRE Accounts Payable. If you want those warnings to occur at the Approval and/or Final Review level as well as Invoice Entry, you set that here. These warnings will always display during Invoice Entry when they are set to 'Warn' or 'Error' in Sage. When the boxes to ‘Show in Approval’ and/or ‘Show in Final Review’ are checked and the warning message settings in Accounts Payable are set to ‘Warn’ or ‘Error’, the overage warning will automatically pop up when the invoice is initially loaded. With the boxes unchecked and with the same settings in Sage, an overage warning will only display when the user tabs through the invoice distribution grid (the assumption is that the user is viewing or changing the data).
The message will display only if the total amount invoiced is more than the revised commitment or estimate plus the tolerance amount. If you enter zero tolerance, the message will display when the total amount invoiced exceeds the revised commitment or estimate. With the warnings boxes unchecked, no warnings will display in Invoice Entry, Approve and/or Final Review when the warning message settings in Accounts Payable are set to ‘No Message.' See Timberline Help for more information on these warnings.
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