Welcome to Capture OCR Technology!
Capture reduces data entry by automatically turning scanned invoices into coded invoices using OCR technology.

OCR Success Rate –

1)     Best Practices would target a goal of 80% of electronic invoices.
2)     OCR Technology for paper documents is greatly influenced by the quality of the scanned image. There may be certain fields that would continue being input from the data entry screen.
The best results are obtained when you use pdfs that are electronically produced (those emailed to you or downloaded from a vendor’s site). When invoices are scanned, the scanning process often degrades the quality of the image.  We understand that some invoices will need to be scanned; this process still produces good results - typically just not as good as electronically produced pdfs. Remember, OCR results are based on the quality of scan.
If scanning, scan each invoice as a separate pdf. Scan them as a pdf, in black & white at 300 dpi. 

Advising your vendors

that you now require/prefer invoices emailed is highly recommended. PDF format works the best.

Multiple Distributions & Coding

will continue to be done in the data entry screen by your data entry person.   Although Capture will recognize a job number and/or commitment ID on the invoice that will populate the data entry screen, multiple distribution lines and coding will need to continue to be done in TimberScan’s data entry window.

Communicating best practices to your team

is highly recommended as this helps all staff understand Capture’s role in the A/P process and the role that the data entry personnel will continue to play.

Capture Implementations     

1)     Data-Entry personnel play a very important part in the implementation of Capture.  Their understanding of the long range benefits fosters their support and is integral to a successful deployment.
2)     The person assigned to building and tweaking templates also plays a key role.  Their knowledge, time and patience during the setup process are vital in a well-supported implementation.

System Requirements

Capture requires the same hardware and software requirements published for TimberScan.

Capture Users in TimberScan

Any TimberScan user who has the ‘Acquire Invoices’ permission can also acquire Capture invoices. However, ONLY a licensed Capture user can process Capture invoices.
Templates are created by data folder. While templates may be copied from one data folder to another, the invoice coding on the template may need to be modified.
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