Routing Rules Priority

For example
A Purchase Order Document Type is created with four Document Type Fields: Job, Vendor, Amount, Date Created
The Purchase Order Document Type also has two Routing Rules assigned
Purchase Order Rule 1
Job: 03-002
Vendor: 102
Vendor-Job 102|03-004
Purchase Order Rule 2
Vendor-Job: 102 | 03-002
Job: 03-004
In this example the Purchase Order Rule 1 and Purchase Rule Order Rule 2 contain 3 Routing Fields:
Job, Vendor, and Vendor-Job.
Assume these Routing Fields were ordered in the Document Type Routing Fields Window as follows:
Then a Document is entered using the Purchase Order Document Type containing
Job 03-002
Vendor 102
Amount 100
Date Created 7/11/2014
Rule 2 will be executed because it has a matching Routing Value with the highest priority Routing Field, Vendor-Job 102|03-002
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