Routing Values Groups


Routing Value Groups can come from two different sources:


Routing Value Group:  Set up in AIM

   Routing Rule Routing Value Groups Tab of the Routing Ruless Setup Window

Timberscan Approval Groups:  Set up in Timberscan. 

Each Routing Value Group consists of a unique Name and a set of Values.
A given value may only be added to one Routing Value group. i.e. Employee 101 may only be in a single group. This mirrors Timberscan Approval Criteria Members where a given value, once assigned, may not be selected again
In the example below a Routing Values Group has been set up for "LargeCust"
Where "LargeCust" is defined as Customers with sales over $1,000,000.
 Defined in Timberscan AIM using a Custom Dropdown Field. 
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