Step 3: Importing Recurring Invoices for Approval

On a periodic basis you will generate recurring invoices from Sage 300 CRE's Accounts Payable.
For Example, you might generate invoices for March's recurring rent, etc. on March 1.  This process puts the invoices in the queue to be paid. 
From the generation of recurring invoices, they can be imported to TimberScan for
To Import the recently generated Recurring Invoices
Go to the TimberScan Menu Option for Invoice Entry > 
Import Invoices from AP >
Import Recurring Invoices from AP - There is no matching process as the pro-forma Image has already been attached.
TimberScan will import all invoices after the start date you input or you can bring in a single or range of batches.
If you import to TimberScan without an Invoice Type, the Approval Workflow will follow the invoices normal workflow determined by your company. 
You can override the normal approval workflow by choosing an Invoice Type (for example, auto approve) determined by your company setup. 
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