Supporting Documents


Supporting Documents are those documents that can be attached to an invoice to support the invoice cost.

Examples might be receiving tickets, purchase orders, receipts, lien waivers, etc.  Any document you need to be attached to invoice can be set up as a supporting document. 
The Supporting Documents Feature allows you to create various user-defined types of documents.  These include Purchase Orders, Packing Slips, Receiving Tickets, Contracts, Lien Waivers, etc.
Supporting Documents can be attached to invoices during invoice entry.
A receiving ticket may come in before the invoice. With this feature you will be able to scan and code the receiving ticket immediately Then, during invoice data entry you will be able to review all supporting documents relating to the vendor and job or property and select documents to attach to the invoice.  Once the invoice is entered the approver will be able to see the invoice with all the supporting documents.
Supporting Documents can also come in after the invoice.  This feature allows you to add supporting documents to an existing invoice
Even documents not associated with an invoice can be scanned such as Vendor Insurance Certificates.
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