AIM Document Types

Within Document Categories and a level below, are Document Types. 
Here is where you define specific documents.
 In our payroll example, we have already seen two examples of Document Types:  a Form W9 and an Electrician’s License. 
At this level you can:
·     Determine whether or not you want to attach documents to one or more Sage 300 C.R.E. records and specify those records.  If you select to attach to Sage 300 C.R.E. records, scanned AIM documents will be attached the next time a user exports.
·     Grant document type security, further restricting specific documents within a category
·     Choose which fields you would like associated with each document to further categorize them and facilitate searching
·     Create Custom Fields to expand your ability to categorize a document beyond what is provided by Sage 300 C.R.E.  As an example, Service Management, Purchasing and Inventory do not have records with the ability to attach documents.  However and by creating corresponding categories and custom fields, you can expand the power of these modules with searchable documents for each.
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