AIM Security

With AIM Version3 there is now the ability to add security to AIM documents at the Field Level. 
AIM Security can now be defined using the following:

If a user is named in a Rule (routing stage) for a particular document, that user inherits SEARCH RIGHTS to that document that matches the specific coding from the rule.


Explicit rights may be granted to a Document Category and/or Type.  If rights are granted at the Document Category level, the user has SEARCH RIGHTS to all Types underneath


Field Access helps to control the documents a user may see in AIM SEARCH.  Field Access DOES NOT affect document coding

What a user sees in Search is based on one of the following four combinations:
*Either inherited or explicit rights
Granting Field Access, Category or Document rights alone is the least restrictive method and will provide the most search results
Field and Document Type access is per data folder.
TimberScan criteria is only used as security as to what invoices a user can see in the AP Category for vendor invoice related documents.  Security as to what documents a user can see can be added as described below.
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