User is part of a Rule


If a user is named in a Rule (routing stage) for a particular document, that user inherits SEARCH RIGHTS to that document that matches the specific coding from the rule. 

In the example below,
A workflow exists for Document Approval with users PM01 and PM02. 
The Routing Rule is Job1Rule
The Routing Group is PROPPROJ
The Criteria for this Routing Group is Job 14-001, Job 14-002 and Job/Vendor 10-001/AC001
The Document Types for this rule are: Purchase Orders, Subcontracts and Owner Change Orders
In this Rule, PM01 and PM02 will have Search Rights to PO's, Subcontracts and Owner Change Orders for Jobs 14-001 and 14-002 and those documents with the Job/Vendor combination 10-001/AC001.



Routing Rule/Routing Group


Routing Rule/Document Types

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