Document Categories

Navigate to the selection on the menu bar labeled AIM Document Types. In admin > AIM Maintenance > Document Categories
Select Add > Enter a Category (drawer) name
In this screen, you may add a new Document Category or Edit an existing one.  Let’s add a new category by clicking Add.  In the box next to name, simply type your Document Category name.  Keep in mind that these names must be unique.
Now let’s add some security to this Document Category by clicking on Add Users in the tab below. 
Once you select Close, you will return to the window for your newly created category and you will see the list of users you have just assigned.  Click Save to exit this window and to return to the list of existing Document Categories.
You may also add and remove Assigned Users by navigating to an existing Document Category and selecting Edit.
 This will bring you to the same Document Category window we saw for adding a new Document Category and it works in the same way.
Lastly, you may delete a Document Category but only if it does not have Document Types already assigned to it.
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