The following inquiries are available, again according to a user's permissions:
Enter your parameters and select the Search button to retrieve the information:
On the left, select from icons to view the invoice image, add a note or view notes and/or logs. Click on the elipsis in a column heading to sort, turn columns on or off and to filter:
On the Job Cost and the Regular Invoice Inquiry, select the Report button to create a report from the data displayed onscreen. Turn columns of information for the report on or off before selecting the Report button to create a report containing only your selected columns of data.
Selecting the Create Report button automatically opens the Report Options window where you can choose the desired selections for your report. If you want to sort the report in the order displayed on the report gride (above), do not select any groupings. Or, select from the Group Report drop-down list to choose a different way to sort the data and display the images:
Reports are automatically saved to My Reports. When complete, TimberScan GO will display a message directing you to go to My Reports:
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