Currently TimberScan GO is designed for approvers to approve invoices, make changes to invoices and run TimberScan inquiries. All permissions assigned to a user in TimberScan admin automatically are available for the same users in TimberScan GO.
After logging in, select a queue from the Welcome screen:
Invoices in a user's queue can automatically display in card view (see Setup > My Settings):
The search bar allows you to search by invoice date, job number or vendor name:
Double click on an invoice to open it. The invoice automatically opens in summary view, showing the invoice header information on the right side panel. Workflow buttons, such as Distributions, Approve, Reject, etc. display near the top, according to the permissions assigned to the user.
Selecting the Distributions button opens in grid view where, again according to assigned permissions, a user can make modifications or add to invoice distributions:
Hover over any annotation to learn what it does:
An invoice can be approved in card view (see above) or in the detail view below:
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