Procedure in TimberScan

1.     Acquire Images
Image Type = "Imported Invoices"
2.     Process
Enter NEW Batch Descritpion – with unique number usually today’s date
Then click on OK
3.     From Invoice Entry  > Import Invoices > Import Invoices From File
Click on the ... to the right of "Import File"
Select the APInv.TXT file.  This file is in your Sage 300 CRE data folder and contains the batch just created during invoice entry in PO.
Click on New
Give the PO data a batch number – use today’s date so that it’s easy to match with the Image batch.
Select the Data Entry Group and then press start
4.     Invoice Entry > Match Imported Invoices
Match the image to the list of invoices below. Once you highlight the invoice click on Match and the next image will pop up.  Once you’re done click on the Finish key. Since the invoice is now coded TimberScan will automatically route the invoice to the right approver.
Note: You can use the Auto Approve feature if the invoices that do not require approval. This may be because it matches the PO. 
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