Selecting Invoices for Approval

1. If you are listed as Primary in an Approval Group you will see that groups Invoices under Primary Invoice
Below, you see that Andrew Ramka and Brent Hultman are Primary approvers for the Group = IApprove. 
2. You will only see Held Primary Invoices if you have permission to Hold Invoices. 
This option allows you to hold invoices and keep them separate from the rest of the invoices for approval. 
3. If you have Executive level permissions you will be able to Approve another user’s invoices
Approving invoices is a very simple procedure in TimberScan. To start, select the Approve menu item from the main menu and then select the Invoice option (Primary, Held or another user's invoices) you want to approve.
The following form is displayed:
There are numerous options for selecting invoices for approval depending upon both how TimberScan and Sage Timberline Office are configured. For example, the following illustration has an item; Invoices by Discount Date. If discounts are not used in Sage 300 CRE, this item will not be displayed.
If an item other than <All Invoices> is selected, the Selection Criteria dropdown will be populated with the appropriate values to select by. Only selection criteria that apply to invoices in a user’s approval queue will be listed. For example, if Invoices for a Specific Vendor is selected, only vendors in the user’s approval queue will be listed, not all the vendors in Sage Timberline Office Accounts Payable.
You can select all invoices for a specific vendor 
Or a specific invoice for the selected vendor
You can also sort invoices by the criteria above. 
This is handy when an approver is responsible for multiple jobs or properties
allowing them to work on one job or property before going to the next one.
Once the [Accept] button has been pressed, the invoices will be in the approval queue displayed in the order specified.
NOTE: When an approver chooses to select invoices for a specific job and not all jobs display in the approver's queue, run the User Permissions Update in admin.
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