Unrecognized Capture Documents

If Acquired Capture Invoices are NOT recognized, they will be found in the Unrecognized queue for further review.

The Failed Invoices can be filtered by reason:

Template Not Found:  The Captured invoice could not be matched to a Capture Template and Profile. 
Low Confidence: This is indicative of an "Incomplete" match.
Coding Data not found

The image has been matched but the specific invoice coding identified on the invoice does not match any coding on any capture profile for this Template. 
Duplicate Invoice: Capture recognizes the invoice as a duplicate.

Options to deal with the Unrecognized Capture Invoices.


If this is a duplicate then you will want to delete it.
Move to Data Entry

If this is a rarely used Vendor you may want to move the invoice to Data Entry to be coded there. 
Define New Template:

If this will be a commonly used Vendor you may want to create a new template. 
Use Existing Template

Use an existing Template it the template was defined in the Capture Templates Window.
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