User Groups

The purpose of User Groups is to allow flexibility in assigning responsibilities for performing tasks in TimberScan. 
The main benefit of using groups is to provide flexibility. For example, a project or property manager group would allow you to assign the PM as a primary approver and an assistant as an alternate approver who could approve invoices if the PM is not available.
Additionally it can be used if there are multiple persons who can interchangeably enter, approver or final review invoices at a given level. For example, setting up users as primary approvers in one group will any any of them to  approve invoices that have been routed to the group.
The number of Data Entry and Final Review groups required for your organization depends upon how many people will be entering/reviewing invoice. If there is only one user, only one Data Entry and one Final Review group is necessary. If we look at our organizational chart below two Data Entry groups – one for A and one for B – are required. The president can belong to both groups.
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