User Maintenance

To set up a new user, open User Maintenance > User Maintenance.You should have roles set up before setting up new users. A role is a required field.
Select the ADD button.  All the fields will turn white.
User ID:  Enter a USER ID for the user (8 characters max).  This can be the same as the user's Sage 300 CRE user ID but this naming convention is not required. 
NOTE: TimberScan users do not have to be set up as users in Sage 300 CRE, however, they must have Sage 300 CRE installed on their workstations for TimberScan to function. 
First Name:  Enter the user's first name, up to 15 characters.
Last Name:  Enter the user's last name, up to 20 characters.
Email:  Enter the user's email address.  This can be used for notifications to TimberScan users when they have invoices that need approval, etc.
NOTE: With the release of TimberScan's Mobile application, following changes apply to email addresses:
·     If a user is not a mobile user, no email address is required.
·     If a user is a mobile user, you must enter a unique email address.
·     If an existing user’s record needs to be edited in any way AND there is an email address present, that email address must be unique in order to save the record.
A new user with an invalid email address will not be saved in User Maintenance.
Password: Enter a password for the user.  Passwords must be 6-8 characters in length; they do not need to be the same as a user's Sage 300 CRE password. Each password should contain at least 1 letter, 1 number and 1 special symbol.
NOTE: You may also enter "Password" here and the user will be prompted to change his or her password when they first log in. 
Notification Method:  Select a method for the user to be notified when he or she has new invoices to enter, approve or review.  There are two options to choose from:  (1) "email" or "No Notifications". 
Special Permissions:      
Executive:  Have access to all invoices with View All AND access to the Utilities menu and Deleted Invoices Inquiry as well as the ability to approve invoices for all approvers.  In addition, they can override the approval routing system by completing the invoice approval process for an invoice. 
For Example:  An approval hierarchy has been set up with three levels of approval. An Executive user is approving on behalf of the first level approver and has specified that invoices are to be considered fully approved.  Once he or she approves an invoice, it will bypass the next two approvers and go directly to Final Review or the Export Queue upon approval.
User Type:
There are three types of users from which to choose: Disabled, Regular or AIM Search Only. A Regular user has access to TimberScan and AIM permissions. Disabling a user frees up a license and decreases the number of User Accounts Enabled . The user can no longer log into TimberScan. Changing a user from disabled to regular increases the number of User Accounts Enabled. An AIM Search Only user does not affect the number of User Accounts Enabled. Starting with the 3.8.5 release, you can now have an unlimited number of AIM Search Only users. The AIM Search Only user can only log in and use AIM Search. These users are subject to AIM security in their searches.
A role is required for a user. Select the appropriate role for this user from roles previously set up in Maintenance > User Roles. The role contains the permissions granted to the user. You can customize a user by modifying the permissions that migrate from the role by opening the Permission Group and checking or unchecking individual permissions.
NOTE: Existing users (prior to release 3.8.7.x) automatically migrate to a role labeled Default which contains all of the existing user permissions.
CAUTION: If you give a NEW user the Default role, that user gets ALL permissions checked automatically.
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