User Maintenance Permissions Group

User Maintenance is an Administrative function with the following permissions:
Giving a user any of the first six options allows the user to access these admin functions while logged into TimberScan with their regular TimberScan user ID. Be sure to allocate any of these permissions only to users who have access to TimberScan admin.
Permission Inquiry:     This gives the user access to the Permission Inquiry which acts as an audit trail on changes made to users, roles and permissions.
Role Permissions:     A user with this function is allowed to add/modify/delete permissions assigned to user roles.
User Group Maintenance:     A user with this permission can add/modify/delete user groups.
User Group Members:     This gives a user the ability to add/delete users assigned to user groups.
User Maintenance:     A user with this function can add/modify/delete/disable other TimberScan users and change the user type.
User Roles:     A user with this permission can add/delete user roles.
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