While workflows are optional in AIM, they can provide powerful attributes to the AIM approval process. A Workflow is a series of tasks, Workflow Tasks, through which a Document passes.


Each Workflow task must be completed before the workflow is completed. 


Workflow Tasks may be ordered where each Workflow Task is assigned and completed sequentially in the order specified by the user. 


Workflow Tasks may also be assigned all at once and completed without order. 

Real World Use:
John at Integrity Software just closed a deal for fifteen licenses of Integrity's Package.  His client just signed the contract and John scanned it in.  The contract is on the network share serer.  John knows that his manager, Bob Evans and others want to see all final sales contracts. 
John opens AIM and signs in.  He opens the AIM Acquire Window, finds his sales contract, drops it into the AIM Acquire Window, and clicks the Done button.  Hope opens the AIM data entry window so she can categorize the sales contract.  She selects Signed Sales Contract as the Document Type and enters the data into the required fields. 
Since management has assigned a workflow to the Signed Sales Contract Document Type, John's sales contract will automatically be routed to Bob Evans and then to the controller (GL user) for final processing. Furthermore, anyone with appropriate permissions can easily find the Sales Contract using AIM Search and there is a History of the entire process. 
This Real World Case needs the following set up prior to setting up a Workflow:
Users in the Approval Workflow need to have AIM approval permissions.
Navigate to AIM Maintenance > Workflows
Click on "Add" to set up a Workflow
Give the workflow a name and click on "Add workflow tasks"
Workflow tasks are defined by AIM.  There are three Workflow Tasks from which to choose:
Document Approval
Attach Document
Export Supporting Document (when the Document Type for the Workflow Task exists as a Supporting Document from TimberScan). 
When you add a task you will be prompted to select a user.  The available users will depend on their AIM permission.
Select a user and you will see the task in Assigned workflow tasks. 
You can add another user now or close the workflow. 
The Export Supoprting Document workflow task applies to Document Types under the AP Category which derived as Supporting Documents from TimberScan. Selecting this option will automatically set up the AIM document as a Supporting Document in TimberScan. This way, purchase orders (packing slips, etc.) can be indexed in AIM and exist in TimberScan waiting to be attached as a Supporting Document to the vendor invoice.
When selecting the Export Supporting Document task, you will be prompted to (1) select an AP Document Type (a list of Supporting Documents displays); (2) enter an email address for notifications and (3) select a TimberScan data entry group:
When you "Close" out of Workflow Tasks, you can choose "Sequential workflow" if you want the tasks to occur in a sequential order.
Users may move the Workflow Tasks up and down by selecting the task and dragging the task up or down.
Now that you have a workflow set up, you can add the workflow to a Document Type. 
AIM Maintenance > Document Types
Click on "Workflows" tab and "Add workflow"
Select the workflow you want to use for this Document Type.  You can also use the "Create workflow" to create a workflow on the fly.
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