AIM Data Entry Groups


An AIM Data Entry Group is a group of users who have AIM DATA Entry Permission. 

Files acquired using AIM Acquire are sent to an AIM Data Entry Group for categorization/coding/data entry. At least one Data Entry Group is required.

You must be an Administrator to set up AIM Data Entry Group. AIM Maintenance > AIM Data Entry Groups
You can Add or Delete AIM Data Entry Groups .  The Delete Option will only be available if the group has not been used. 
Click "Add" to add a new group.  Give the Data Entry Group a unique name and then you can add users to this group.
Only users with AIM Data Entry Permissions in User Maintenance will be available to add to the Group. 
NOTE:  Once a user is added to the group, they are members regardless of changes in permissions.  If a user had the Data Entry permission revoked, the admininstrator will need to manually remove the user from the AIM Data Entry Group Window. 
Add users by selecting a user from the list of Available Users and clicking "Add". 
To Remove a User, select the user from Assigned users and click "Remove" .
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