Working with Commitments

Multi-Line Commitments
Allow Multi-line Commitment – is a global permission in admin > System Settings. When this is checked, the operator can retrieve multiple lines from a commitment onto an invoice. Once the commitment is selected and the Item Number List window opens, check each commitment line item you want to retrieve onto the invoice. After the appropriate rows have been selected, press the "Next" button and the screen will be refreshed. Only the rows that were selected will be displayed and the "Quantity", "Unit Price" and "Amount" columns will be enabled. The checkbox column will be hidden. There will be a total on the "Amount" column and there will be "Back", "Finish" and "Cancel" buttons. Any change to the Quantity or Unit Price will change the Amount and any change to the Amount will change the Unit Price. If the user presses the "Back" button, the original screen with all of the items will be displayed and any changes that have been made to "Quantity", "Unit Price" or "Amount" will be retained.
Once the "Finish" button is pressed, all of the items from the second screen will be pushed to the distribution grid and the invoice can be processed as normal.
Unit Cost Commitments
 Allow Override Commitment Unit Cost is another global permission in System Settings. Checking this box allows operators to override any unit cost on a commitment set up in Sage 300 CRE.
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