AIM Acquire

AIM Documents are acquired from their own AIM menu "AIM Acquire". 
You can Drag and Drop AIM documents onto the AIM Acquire Window You can also "Select Files" to retrieve AIM documents from your computer or network directories. Drag and Drop onto the AIM main windows opens AIM Data Entry. When using drag and drop with email attachments, you have the opportunity to separate AIM documents.
Files can be acquired in their "native" They do NOT need to be acquired in PDF or TIFF format first.
You must select a data entry group, similar to the group for AP data entry, except these are only for AIM Documents.
After Selecting the data entry group, click "Process" and you are ready to code your AIM Document.
NOTE: Annotations only apply to TIFF/TIF files. In AIM, annotations pertain to TIF/TIFF documents only. This is because other documents open in their related application. For example, a PDF may open in Adobe. If you have rights to annotate in Adobe, you will be able to add annotations to the document in AIM using Adobe.
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